Melinda Wenner Moyer is a journalist who covers parenting, science and medicine.

Melinda Wenner Moyer

Melinda Wenner Moyer is a journalist who covers parenting, science and medicine.

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How to Raise Kids Who Aren’t Assholes

Science-based Strategies for Better Parenting—From Tots to Teens

“Amid Trump, #MeToo and rising hate crime, science writer Melinda Wenner Moyer decided it was time to learn how to stop her kids becoming ‘assholes’. Her research became an unusual, much-needed parenting book.”

The Guardian

How to Raise Kids Who Aren’t Assholes, which is now being translated into seven languages, is a deeply researched evidence-based primer that provides a fresh and often surprising perspective on parenting issues. It’s a clear, actionable, sometimes humorous (but always science-based) guide for parents on how to shape their kids into honest, kind, generous, confident, independent, and resilient people. . . who just might save the world one day.

Read excerpts of the book in The New York Times, The Atlantic, and Parents magazine.

“It’s one thing to say you don’t want your kid to be an asshole. This book gives you data-driven, research-based tools to actually achieve it.”

Emily Oster, PhD, author of Cribsheet and Expecting Better

“A smart, engaging, honest, and surprisingly useful read about how to nurture decency and generosity.”

Adam Grant, author of Think Again

“Wenner Moyer crafts a winning guide for parents who wish to build a ‘better, fairer, stronger world.’ This delightful mix of strategy and humor shouldn’t be missed.”

– Publisher’s Weekly, Starred review

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How To Raise Kids Who Aren’t Assholes

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Virtual Conversation

Founded in 1913 as a coalition of parents and independent and private schools, the Parents League of New York supports families and children by providing a broad range of educational and parenting resources. Melinda will join Parents League Executive Director Barbara Scott to discuss some key insights from her book.


SAT,  NOV 13 / 8:30AM EST

University of Scouting Fall Conference – Highland Falls, NY

Award-winning science journalist Melinda Wenner Moyer, the author of the book How to Raise Kids Who Aren’t Assholes, will deliver the keynote lecture on raising kind kids at this fall training event for Scout leaders.

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